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There is constantly a lot of things happening in the world of soccer in Canada and all over the globe. If you are a real soccer fan, then you should be aware of what the headlines are. If you are not updated, then we’ve got you covered. Here are the top soccer or football news to monitor after reading this article.

Alphonso Davies Making Noise

19-year old Alphonse Davies from Canada is making a lot of noise at the Champions League. The Canadian midfielder is now being recognized as one of the best players from North America. At such a young age, Davies is positioned to elevate not only him but also Canadian soccer.

Davies many times led the FC Bayern Munich to victory with his swift kills and amazing coordination skills. What also sets Davies apart is his explosive speed that really keeps opponents on their feet. During the quarter-finals of the Champions League in August, Davies’s amazing assist led Bayern to dismantle FC Barcelona 8 – 2. At such a young age, Davies still has a long way to go but that is actually a great thing for him. He is young, he is hungry, and he is driven.

All of us here in Canada look forward to what kind of legacy Davies will leave by the time he leaves his mark.

Champions League Finals

The Champions League is in the finals and we will see Paris Saint-Germain take on FC Bayern Munich. Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are looking to lead their team to the promised land. However, it is not going to be easy as mentioned above, Davies with Robert Lewandowski are on their way. The game is said to be one for the ages.

Many people are leaning more on P.S.G. against Bayern. However, Bayern’s season has been so dynamic and full of surprises. But, no matter the outcome, we must first focus on the upcoming match.

Make sure to monitor all developments.