Ronaldo Morata is the winning formula of Juventus 660x480 - Ronaldo - Morata is the winning formula of Juventus

Morata and Ronaldo are gradually forming a tight bond, because they need each other. Ronaldo was 35 and difficult to independently, while Morata also needed a leverage to really break through.

After losing to Barcelona at home, there are big concerns for Juventus. Coach Andrea Pirlo’s army is not allowed to stumble any more. And it is worth mentioning, in that match, the juventini missed the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

But in the march to the field of Ferencvaros, “Old Lady” left difficulties behind to win a strong 4-1. The most notable highlight of this match was a double goal from striker Alvaro Morata, who was previously denied three goals in the 0-2 defeat to Barcelona.

Juventus’ 7th-minute opener was what the fans of this team expected. From the cross of Cuadrado on the right wing, Ronaldo could not make the shot in the near post, but in the back, Morata easily hit the empty net.

There are two cannons on the attack, Juventus need to know carefully the opportunities they have. Remember before that in the defeat of Barca, Morata was alone and could not do anything “empty game”. Morata’s three goals in that match were rejected. But when he stood beside Ronaldo, Morata was much more confident.

Ronaldo Morata is the winning formula of Juventus - Ronaldo - Morata is the winning formula of Juventus

The ability to combine Ronaldo and Morata in this match is not bad. Even in the 35th minute situation, the Juventus duet also had a beautiful coordination. CR7 was placed in the face of Ferencvaros’s empty goal but the home team defender was able to save the ball

Morata’s strike situation in the 60th minute, Ronaldo also made a great contribution. From Ronaldo’s pass on the right flank, McKennie dropped the ball to Morata’s dangerous shot to double the gap. And this is the turning point, bringing a bold 4-1 victory for Juventus.

The upcoming matches of Juventus will therefore be worth the wait. Fans need time to test Morata and Ronaldo’s side in the Juventus attack. A weak opponent like Ferencvaros cannot say much yet.

And moreover, the question is how coach Pirlo will integrate Dybala into this attack? In theory, Ronaldo – Dybala – Morata is a desirable attacking trio. Juventus’ success and failure in this 2020/21 season promises to depend a lot on the ability to use coach Pirlo’s staff in this trio.

If combined, Ronaldo – Dybala – Morata promises to be enough to help Juventus quench the thirst of the Champions League. However, what is the tactical system of Juventus to serve this trio, it is a question mark waiting for Pirlo to answer.

In fact, last season coach Sarri tried to integrate Ronaldo, Higuain and Dybala into a three-striker diagram, but it was ineffective. Even more ominously, Higuain and Morata’s playing styles are very similar. They are all typical midfielders, the effective range is almost within the penalty area.

There are many other big teams that still play well with 3 strikers, like Ronaldo’s Real himself. However, it seems that Juventus is not ready for this, because they do not have 3 outstanding midfielders to maintain the midfield. Therefore, in the last match Dybala still had to sit on the bench, before coming on to replace Morata himself.