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For aspiring soccer players out there, here is our top pick of most inspiring books about soccer. Make sure to read all of them.

“Messi: A Boy Who Became a Star” by Steve Herman

Lionel Messi, better known as Messi is without a doubt one of the greatest footballers ever. He is a future hall of famer and millions of aspiring players look up to him. This book tells you about the life story of Messi from his beginnings at Rosario, Argentina.

In this book, you’ll find out more about the obstacles Messi faced since he was a young and born into a poor family. Here is a quick trivia, did you know that at a young age, he was diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents him from growing?

“The Away Game: Epic Search for Football’s Next Superstars” by Sebastian Abbot

This book is about the story of young players from Africa aspiring to pursue a journey in the world of soccer. Abbot’s book is centered on the soccer program Football Dreams. Every year, a scout from Spain travels to Africa in search of amazing new soccer players who are capable of becoming elite tier players.

The Away Game is not a story of one young player but a bunch of them. Many of the players being considered for this program are poor and they mostly play along the street or open dry fields.

We recommend you read both of these books.