Featured image How Popular is Soccer in Canada - How Popular is Soccer in Canada?

When you say Canada, most people are into ice hockey and basketball. Other popular sports in particular provinces include golf, volleyball, and baseball. So, where does that put soccer?

In common knowledge, soccer really isn’t that big in Canada, yet. But, through the past couple of years, we are seeing more and more growth in soccer. Now, we are confident that soccer is getting bigger and bigger here in Canada, and here is why.

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Canada is a country for all. The country welcomes people from all over looking for a new home. Soccer is actually popular among immigrants, mainly from Europe and Asia. You can see people in neighborhoods playing soccer in open fields. This because there aren’t that many soccer fields in the first place.

But Canada’s diversity is one of the main reasons why soccer continues to grow. People coming here are really driven to encourage others to play soccer. If you ask us, the diversity here in Canada is one of its greatest attributes as a country.

Everyone is welcome here and every sport is welcome here as well.

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Canadians take on the World Stage

2020 has been a big year for soccer in Canada because of a young man named Alphonso Davies. He is only 19-years old and is already on track of becoming a champion at the biggest football stage in the world, the UEFA Champions League. Despite still developing as a player, Davies is already a leader and he is about to take FC Bayern Munich to the promised land for this year’s Champions League.

Davies is not the only one. There are more Canadian players taking on the world stage. Paul Stalteri, a talented midfielder is representing Canada in Germany’s football league. And then we have Atiba Hutchinson, also a midfielder. He is part of Besiktas which is an active club participating in the prestigious Super Lig. Because of these people and so much more, Canada is about to welcome a new wave of soccer players to take on the global stage.

More soccer scouts are now traveling all over the country in search of promising talent. Just because soccer is not as big as ice hockey or golf does not mean it’s getting left behind. It is actually the opposite. Soccer is about to come up from the shadows and has the potential of becoming a top sport here in Canada.

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The MLS or the Major League Soccer is the top men’s professional soccer league in the US and Canada. Its popularity in North America is starting to pick up. MLS will put soccer on the map.

There are strong teams from both US and Canada in the MLS. The competition between each team is becoming more and more intense. This is surely a driver for soccer in Canada.