Arsenal are paying attention to Dortmund 1200x480 - Arsenal are paying attention to Dortmund

Not many rumored names like Aouar or Eriksen, Arsenal are said to be looking to contact Dortmund about Julian Brandt’s case.

Arsenal has just released a lot of pressure after an important victory over Chelsea in the 15th round of the Premier League took place this morning. However, live football viewers commented that this could only be the temporary sublimation of the Gunners.

In a long-distance and famously tough race like the Premier League, Arsenal still had too many problems to solve. In particular, they lack a name capable of leading the game as well as creating mutations in midfield. This also more or less affects the cannons to compete on attack when they lack a supply of quality ball.

In recent years, football experts have repeatedly said that the names that the Gunners need to add in the upcoming January market are Houssem Aouar and Christian Eriksen. If Aouar was the name that the Gunners were related to in the summer 2020 transfer window, Christian Eriksen has long affirmed his “conductor” class. The common point of these two players lies in the diverse set of passing skills and very good tactical vision, which Arsenal is lacking at the moment.

Arsenal are paying attention to Dortmund - Arsenal are paying attention to Dortmund

However, a source from The Athletic newspaper recently said that the name the Gunners were aiming for was not Aouar or Eriksen but Julian Brandt, a midfielder on the Dortmund payroll.

Brandt is not an unfamiliar name to the live audience of German football when he originally emerged during his time with Bayer Leverkusen. However, the player’s form this season is really worrying.

Since the beginning of the season, Brandt has played a total of 22 matches for the Rurh team, but only 1 assists and 1 goal. In addition, this 24-year-old star is also competing fiercely with the prodigy Giovani Reyna.

Therefore, Arsenal need to consider carefully before making this deal. In fact, the Premier League is witnessing the spray bombs from the Bundesliga like Chelsea couple Kai Havertz and Timo Werner. Still, at the age of 24, it is perfectly possible for Julian Brandt to regain his peak form if the right club and the same coach can lead him in the right direction.