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Cobourg S.C. blog was created back in April 2016 to serve as an online platform to show Cobourg’s team and player highlights. The man who created it was the club’s biggest supporter, Thomas Allen who was working as a maintenance and repair worker back then.

Every time the club had a match or even training sessions, Allen was there to document everything. He would take photos and videos. He also interviewed players after games. Allen is a soccer player himself and for a short while dreamt of being a professional, but things didn’t work out. However, his love for soccer never went away. He is now contributing to the game in a whole new way.

It’s All About Soccer

The blog talks about nothing but soccer. The sport as a game, as an activity, and as a community. Allen was efficient in thinking of new angles to present each blog ideas. The first set of content posts he released were individual player profiles.

He interviewed every member of the team and asked them key questions that would not only engage other players, but the public as well. As years passed, Cobourg started to expand its content reach by discussing big news and events taking place in the world of soccer.

The Big Break

By 2019, there were more than 90,000 active members or readers. Keeping up with all readers was difficult as Allen and his team had to come up with new and engaging posts every day.

In March 2019, Allen was approached by a big sports brand to form a marketing partnership. With the platform and manpower we got after that, Cobourg became one of Canada’s biggest soccer communities, to be exact, an online soccer community.

Today, the has more than nearly 100,000 active members and an average 4,000 daily readers.

We will continue to push through with amazing content for all our members and we hope to welcome some new ones soon.