Cobourg S.C.
Fun for Everyone! Saturday, December 16, 2017  
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Birth Year Proposed Game Night
U4 2013 Wednesday
U5 2012 Tuesday
U6 2011 Monday
U7 Boys 2010 Tuesday
U8 Girls 2009-2010 Monday
U8 Boys 2009 Thursday
U10 Girls 2007-2008 Tuesday
U10 Boys 2007-2008 Wednesday
*U12 Girls 2005-2006 Wednesday
*U12 Boys 2005-2006 Tuesday
*U15 Girls 2002-2004 Tuesday
*U15 Boys 2002-2004 Thursday
*U18 Mixed 1999-2001 Monday
Ladies House League 1998-earlier Sunday
Men's House League 1998-earlier Wednesday
Ladies Travelling 1998-earlier Wednesday
Men's Travelling 1998-earlier Sunday


* If there are 5 teams in these divisions 1 team will have 2 games each week so no team has a bye. Extra games will be played on an alternate week night to be determined.

Created by: Yvonne de Graaff -- Last updated:Jan 08, 2017

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