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Player skill sets/Game knowledge


The following skill sets are guidelines that coaches can use to aid in practice plans at all levels based on age. Although some players will surpass these, the average player should find these challenging at their age group. They are not limiting. A coach may wish to add to these and or teach higher skill sets to players if he/ she is knowledgeable enough to determine that it is safe and appropriate to do so. Heading for instance is not to be taught below U9.


U6 / U7

Running with the ball under control

Passing/Receiving (using inside of feet)

Stopping the ball (inside & sole of foot)

Turning with the ball (inside of feet)

Shooting (discourage toe punting, pass the ball into the goal)

Allow players to handle ball during warm up exercises and some games (tag etc)

Goal kicks/Ball in and out of play (kick ins only)



Ball control (multiple surfaces)

Turning with Ball (inside & outside of feet)



Sweeper/keeper / Referees

Throw ins



Trapping (foot, thigh, chest)

1v1 / 2v1 / 3v1

Crossing (Intro)

Corner kicks



U10 / U11

Heading (very light, use ball nets)

Reinforce all earlier skills (especially individual ball skills)

Moves that can be accomplished at game speed (shoulder feint etc)


Individual defending



Crossing (inswingers & outswingers)

Free kicks (Intro)

Penalty kicks

U12 / U13

Group defending (2 & 3player)

Chipping (Lofted pass)

Wall pass

Bending the ball

Creating space

Team shape

Shadow play

Dead ball organization


U14 / U15

Reinforce all earlier skills

Team strategies



U16 / U18

All skills


Set plays 

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