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Fun for Everyone! Wednesday, July 18, 2018  
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Northumberland United
Development & Representative Soccer Program

End of Season Banquet will be Sunday, September 30th at the Lion's Centre - more information to follow.

4 goalkeeper training sessions have been booked for the following dates: May 6th, 13th, 27th and June 4th. Times and locations will be posted closer to the date.

Any player that is chosen by the coach to be a rostered player for the team will incur an additional fee of $350 to $500 to cover a portion of the costs to this program on top of the registration fee. The fee is determined by age of the player as Rep fees are higher than Development fees.

New this year is a required one-week training camp for all U9 to U13 teams. The date for this week of camp is July 30th to August 3rd. Each team will train together with a highly qualified coach and assistants. These amazing coaches will help to improve each player's technical skills as well as tactical skills as a team. Any U14 and up player may also sign up for this week of camp but it not required.

Proposed Development Teams for 2018 

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U8 Boys (born in 2010) Lee Jones
U8/U9 Girls (born in 2009) Ian Spence
U9 Boys (born in 2009) Justin Kerr
U10 Girls (born in 2008) Jonathan Prince
U10 Boys (born in 2008) Ian Crawford
U11 Girls (born in 2007) Jason Hughes
U11 Boys (born in 2007) Jaimie Archer
U12 Girls (born in 2006) Sharon Collins
U12 Boys (born in 2006) Stephen Bogyay

Proposed Competitive Teams for 2018

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U13 Girls (born in 2005) Ian Kendrick
U13 Boys (born in 2005) Paul Mooney
U14 Girls (born in 2004) Ron Cullen
U14 Boys (born in 2004) Jason Brown
U15 Boys (born in 2003) Dave Beck
U15 Girls (born in 2003) Jason Diminie
U16 Boys (born in 2002) Robert Leduc
Contact Us: 905-377-9361 or email

Ontario Soccer Association
Canadian Soccer Association

Northumberland United Club and Team Numbers
Cobourg Soccer Club Inc. - Club # CD 2606
Northumberland United Team Numbers
Boys /Mixed Team Number
Female Team Number
U8 - TD 2606 8B U8 - TD 2606 8G
U9 - TD 2606 9B
U9 - TD 2606 9G
U10 - TD 2606 10B
U10 - TD 2606 10G
U11 - TD 2606 11B
U11 - TD 2606 11G
U12 - TD 2606 12B
U12 - TD 2606 12G
U13 - TD 2606 13B
U13 - TD 2606 13G
U14 - TD 2606 14B
U14 - TD 2606 14G
U15 - TD 2606 15B
U15 - TD 2606 15G
U16 - TD 2606 16B
U16 - TD 2606 16G
U17 - TD 2606 17B
U17 - TD 2606 17G
U18 - TD 2606 18B
U18 - TD 2606 18G
U23 - TD 2606 M1
MENS OPEN - TD 26060M2

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